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Here’s a small fact that you might not know. Well, you will now!

Possums, are annoying, especially when they bang across the gutters on a quiet summer night. We all know that. What you may not have know is that possums are EXTREMELY partial to painted and varnished ginormous paper mache dinosaurs. An Icthyosaur to be exact. As we had one of those in the shed, that Tyson had lovingly crafted a few years ago. He used to live in the bathtub, as we are a non-bathing kind of family, but he got relegated to the shed. Sadly he is now a smallish pile of shredded paper and possum poop. A secondary, little known fact, is that possums eat bottles of paint. As I had a box with various poster and window colour paint (for fake leadlight) in the shed near the dinosaur, and that also was eaten through. Each bottle of paint had a hole gnawed into it, as if they were testing the different colours. Oh, this one is red, it must taste like fruit. Although in the big dark shed, I don’t know how they could tell 😉

Thankfully, I have just returned an awesome book to the library, called “It’s all too much” and that about sums up my attitude to most of the “treasures” in the shed. Decluttering is alive and well at our house. I started inside the last couple of weeks, taking baby steps as I have been sick on and off pretty well all year so far. I think I got whooping cough, but that’s a whole other blog entry. *sigh* I managed to find new owners for over a shelf and a half of magazines. Scrapbooking magazines, lifestyle ones, decorating and house ones. All so very NOT part of what I need in my life right now. They were weighing me down. I hope their new owners receive as much joy in them, as I have in losing them. The more I shed, the lighter and more efficient I feel. The more in focus my life feels. It’s a great feeling.

Life is also happy here as we finally have WORKING fly screens on our windows. It’s been an extreme hot summer, and the lack of being able to open windows at night has made it pretty unbearable. Now it’s a lovely warm Autumn, and I air the house out as often as I can, and it’s wonderful. Counting that blessing, for sure.

It’s the Easter long weekend here. We’ll continue to potter around the house and garden, although in just one day we’ve managed to fill up the Green waste bin, the recycling bin AND  the regular rubbish bin, so I guess I’ll have to take it easy for the other 3 days. Rock on bin day!

Peace and clutter free happiness to you all!

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  1. Kim Jensen

    Oh my goodness, that’s crazy that the possums did so much damage! Congrats on all the decluttering! We are in serious need of that here, but it’s so overwhelming!

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