It’s raining outside

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From where I sit, I can see the rain sheeting in across the valley. All the greens are muted, as if the same colour all of a sudden. The only pop is a tiny patch of blue sky, and some startlingly red leaves. Autumn is here, but it slipped in when we weren’t looking. We were wearing t-shirts again on the weekend, but today it is cold.

The shower is passing and I can see the sun progressively lighting up the landscape again, flowing like silver across the nearby rooftops and the glistening grass. Immediately, you can feel the warmth, the power of the sun. The clouds are moving over, and soon the next rain shower will begin.

I need to discipline myself to go and take some lovely photos of this autumn. Until then, you will have to enjoy some I prepared earlier.

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Kim Jensen

    Gorgeous color! Sadly, we don’t get much of that in this area. Wonderful shots and a beautiful description!

  2. Carol

    My goodness you have a way with words Cassie. And the leaves make such beautiful photographs.

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