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Oh my goodness it’s freezing today. Winter is well and truly upon us. South Australia, well, my part of it anyway, has had lots of rain moving through for the last few days. Our nearest weather reading station, about 6km away, has had over 130mm of rain in the last 14 days. And today, not only did it rain most of the day, but it’s been icy cold. I doubt the temperature for the day has gotten over 10 degrees C. *shiver*. Sad to say, I’m not up to fetching wood etc, and haven’t put the fire on yet. I’ve been using the evil air-conditioner. But I’m drying washing in front of it as well, so maybe that makes it a little greener?

I have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off as a general rule, so the boys and I went to the movies for cheap Tuesday. We finally saw Night at the Museum 2. Not AS funny as number one, but I think half of the fun of that movie is NOT knowing what was coming. It’s a little predictable this time, but still very enjoyable. We ran some quick errands in the rain, to the bank, to game-traders to rescue the x-box 360 disc that *skip* ruined. Come to think of it, I bought that game for him! But a mere $5 and it’s all better now!

So for the afternoon I’ve been putting on washing, and listening to the boys watching movies. Bolt and Desperaeux. I prefer Bolt myself! Actually, my all-time favourite kids movie is Surf’s Up. Love that movie! I’ve also been blog-hopping and nosing around Ravelry looking for some patterns. I have such a big stash of patterns now, I need to actually finish the socks I started back in June, before I got sick. I’m just past the heel of the first one. My only problem is that it’s looking a bit big. Despite my best attempts, I knit quite loosely. Quite loosely as in, 2 needles sizes too big. But they just don’t make dpn small enough for me to get the right gauge, and *shock horror* to all you knitters out there, life’s too short for a tension swatch. I know I knit loose.

But I blame it on the weather. My eyes are dancing with all these plans for beanies, hand/wrist warmers, even a cowl. And I snaffled a couple of patterns for baby gear, for an upcoming happy event next year. No, not mine! 😉

And finally, score one for natural therapies. I went to see my Homeopath last week, and after the first dose she gave me, my cough was reduced to about 1/4. Overnight. And since then, it’s only gotten better and better. Today was my worst day, and I think that *might* have something to do with the freezing cold weather I was running around in? My chest feels about 90% better. Still stings a little bit when I take a deep breath, but no-where near as painful as it was before. So happy to be feeling back on top of things. Although I’m still getting as much rest on my days off etc, because I don’t want to go back there, no way no how!

So have something pretty to look at to say thankyou for wading through all my chatter!

Treasured Photograph KSK CT

This is my favourite photo of us, so that makes it my new favourite layout! Enjoy!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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