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Not a big fan of the big fancy word, so let’s instead use, studying human behavior shall we? So, I spent a lot of time over the last day and a half down at the fabulous Mt Barker JazzFest taking photographs. Lured by the legendary Don Burrows performance, and encouraging Tyson to listen and be inspired by all the awesome Clarinet players that were appearing over the different groups.

Actually, I think this particular fog comes from a little earlier than that. On Wednesday this week, *skip* and I had an appointment to meet the principal and have a tour of Tyson’s future High School. Why is it that a Home Ec classroom smell hasn’t changed in the last 20 years? Strange, but true. Also the woodworkshop and Metal Shop. Very familiar smells. We hope that he will be happy there, but there is no magic formula.

I left high school 19 years ago. I didn’t finish to Year 12, due to just never being the right type of person, and sadly, systematic bullying through the last couple of years. Now, when I look back on it, I know that it wasn’t handled properly, either by my parents, or the school, but that really is digressing. My point is simply that I don’t have that many happy memories from that time.

Fast forward to yesterday, and I ran into one of my old teachers performing at the Jazz Festival. Lovely man, who had a very nice son in my year, so we played the catch up game and were pleased to see each other. Of course, from there it’s only a short step today to playing around on facebook and finding so many people that were important for both good and bad reasons in my life then.

I just thought it was interesting, that this week just took me back such a long way, in just a few hours. Smells, sounds, familiar feelings and then suddenly off we go again.

It’s also interesting that you think how when you encounter stressful situations, then you revert to long forgotten coping mechanisms. I put myself out there somewhat last night, and felt just like a scruffy dirty school-child, as much as I did 19 years ago. It sent me reeling to feel like that, and filled me with fear and foreboding for my son’s future. May I survive, and may I be a supportive and encouraging parent. Whatever it takes, may I do it, to see him through. To teach him courage, to cope, the skills that he will need on his journey.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Kim Jensen

    Aw, high school was a bit rough for me too, as I think it is for a lot of people. I’m far enough away that I don’t ever see anyone I went to school with, but I did manage to make my 20-year reunion. It was weird. I was really surprised at how few people I actually had any memories of. So, yes, I was awkward and such, like I was as a teenager, but I find myself not really caring anymore. It’s not relevant to my life now.

    I hope my kids can have a positive high school experience, but I’m sure they will have their difficulties too. Even elementary school has had its moments. sigh. One day at a time, handling it the best we can.

  2. jtlulumom

    Yep, another one here who had a rough time in high school. I was teased quite a bit and just a handful of friends. One of those friends always wants to reminisce and ask if I’ve talked with anyone and goes on and on about people, I finally told her last week that I don’t really care about any of those people. They very few I do care about I still talk to, like her, and I’d rather just leave it all behind.

    I also worry about JT, I think Lulu will be fine, but JT is sensitive and he’s already had some issues this year with friends, just in first grade. I wish kids weren’t so mean, but all we can really control is letting them know how much we love them.

  3. Amy K

    ((hugs)) I know exactly how seeing and experiencing those people can take you back decades. I had very hard experiences growing up as well. I’ve actually gone through and “unfriended” several people on Facebook who I no longer truly connect with and only remind me of those negative episodes.

    On another note, I know you’ve instilled a good sense of worth and strength in your sons. I hope they make it through the high school years knowing that they are loved and that “this too shall pass.” <3

  4. Carol

    I have absolutely no desire to revisit my school years and have never gone to a reunion. Not that it was unpleasant overall, certainly there were times that were downright sad for me, but overall it was just school. I have no contact with any old school “mates” till today, even on Facebook, just no interest in it.

    I love your writing, you should think to writing a book with your musings. It’s so thought provoking.

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