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I think it’s a grown up thing. Or maybe an Aussie thing? I don’t know. But I just don’t think that we make enough of our achievements. Something great that happened that we were a part of, either big or small.

We praise our children. We hang onto, and distribute far and wide the stories of their successes – case in point the DVD of Peter Pan that I sent to my sister. But I don’t think we take enough time to actually pat OURSELVES on the back for jobs well done.

So here goes, in no particular order, some things that I am particularly proud of lately. Because right now, it’s all about baby steps around here.

I found out in advance that 3 teachers were moving on from the boys school, all 3 having been a big part of their lives. So instead of just thinking about it, I actually managed to get organised presents, cards, wrapping and photos for them. Most of the time I only think of these things when it’s too late, so I achieved forward planning and organisation, and I hope that it meant as much to them, as it did for my beautiful boys to say goodbye.

Mum’s house is now off our hands. We are exhausted, drained of all physical and psychic energy. Even my younger brother finally had to admit, that the emotional aspect of letting go of the family home of over 35 years, was much harder than he was expecting. But it’s done now, for better or worse, and we are pulling ourselves together and moving on with our lives.

My craft/sewing space is finally coming together. With a lot of help and encouragement from *skip* in the process.

I am improving in my “letting go” skills. It’s so hard to do this sometimes, but I am developing strategies to handle the overwhelming emotions, and to keep powering through the decisions.

I have also edited numerous videos, distributed them to all the appropriate recipients. I even managed to send out school photos within a week of receiving them. Woo-hoo! I have created multiple photo books, for us and for gifts, which have also been distributed to the lucky recipients promptly. Including a 2-part volume of our Canberra/Coast holiday from July, and a book of the cast/performances from Peter Pan.

It is so very good that things are changing and moving forward around here at the moment. It is a great feeling to hold on to the achievements, and use them as momentum for the following few weeks which will be quite busy (and insanely stressful) with work over the holiday season. So that we will finally come to January. I hope with a sense of peace, and the chance to just sit and breath for a while. In and out.

And because every good post should have a photo, please have this one. Me and my bubby, who is now 11 and not so much a bubby anymore. We had our big present-day of the year on Saturday, and this is part of his Bolton Wanderers haul…. Pj’s, Scarf, Training Jacket and Cap. I imported them from England months ago, and have just been hoping he didn’t grow TOO MUCH inbetween. Which he didn’t!

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Carol

    What a gorgeous photograph of the both of you, and so nice to see your smiling face there Cassie. I think sometimes we are our own worst enemies and we should be high fiving our achievements, no matter how big or little. Go you.

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