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Well, you’d think that it was time to move on from my blog, when you consider how IRregularly I’m posting at the moment. However, it’s a more profound moving on that is in the wind at the moment. The family home is sold, and the count-down to settlement has begun. We have to finish clearing out the shed, as well as a few final jobs and then it will be over.

It’s a bittersweet finish. It was wonderful to see the old place finally cleaned up and finished like it should have been years ago. It’s been back-breaking, with major stress levels and lots of blood, sweat and tears involved. But the finished product was worth the pain. And now we have to let it go. I was talking to *skip* about the losing process. He thought he was being helpful when he reminded me that it’s not the house that is a home, but the people inside it. Unfortunately, that didn’t go as planned, as I then came to realise that we are losing both a house, and a home, as we no longer have the people that made it such, for over 30 years.

Meanwhile, this weekend was the start of moving boxes of stuff out of the shed, for storing/sorting etc. The driveway is full for a hopeful charity pickup – soon! But as I remarked to *skip* earlier this evening, it feels like all of Mum and Dad’s chaos and clutter has taken over OUR space. Which, he pointed out, was actually what was happening.

I know it may sound weird, but I’m am hanging on to that feeling of suffocation, so that as I go through boxes, one by one, I am less tempted to hold on to anything if it’s a borderline case. Just because they held, wrote, used or otherwise possessed something is not THEM. And throwing it out, recycling it or sending it to the charity shop for someone else to treasure, is not throwing away them. It just feels like it sometimes.

I was very proud of Sammy yesterday though. He was allowed to keep a couple of little things, a Magnifying glass, which my brother promptly used to teach him to burn wood with. Wonderful memories! So on bringing home the magnifying glass, and his piece of carefullly monogrammed wood, he was puzzling out what 2 things already in his room had to go to make room for the new items. That’s my boy!

We have had a lot of things going on at home as well this last month or so.

Tyson had a concert band performance, all Primary School students. It came at the end of 2 days of workshop, and they pulled of the hour-long concert magnificently.

And now, as he is going to be in year 6 next year, Sammy has picked up an instrument of his own. I was waiting for him to WANT to, as there is nothing worse than pushing a child to be musical. But he ended up choosing the trumpet. We are renting a battered school instrument at the moment, and he’s had 3 lessons so far. He seems to be learning very quickly, and I didn’t realise how much more challenging it was than the clarinet, as you have different notes coming out of the same valve positions, and you have to have good pitch to keep them on track. But he’s going well so far.

They also took part in a triumphal school play. An hour long production of Peter Pan, put on by the kids and some dedicated teachers and mums. Of course, I was the official photographer and we’ve been able to raise some money for the drama program (making costumes, hiring lighting etc) by selling copies of the prints.

Surprisingly, Tyson had the lead role of Peter. He was stage manager last year, but this year he got to shine in his performance. And Sammy was perfect as the cowardly sweet pirate, Smee. He was always my favourite πŸ˜‰


And the year is getting ready to wrap up. Tyson will be starting High School next year, and we’re ready for a whole lot of changes hopefully happening with the new year.

Hopefully I will post again, before that happens πŸ˜‰

Peace out…..

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  1. Carol

    Go Sammy! I played in brass bands for years and years from about age 12 till 40. Music is something he’ll have with him always. I’ve missed your posts too. What brilliant photographs.

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