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Apart from BLOGGING early, as for the 3rd morning in a row I am awake at 4 and really over the whole business of not sleeping, I am also as of now, officially starting 2011.

You know, quite frankly I have had enough of 2010. It has been one of those awkward, painful years, where you just constantly feel that nothing is going right for you. You remember them, we all had them mostly as teenagers. Years that were most memorable by the fact that you survived them, and that’s about all. Years where your skin didn’t fit right, where YOU didn’t fit right and you constantly felt like every simple thing was a battle.

So we are officially finished with 2010 in this house. 2011 is shaping up to be an exciting year, for many reasons. We are not sure what it will hold, but we are approaching it positively, looking forward to some good times.

We actually started this on Saturday, which, ironically enough, was a whole year and a bit coming. In 2009, for our anniversary, my loving *skip* gave me a ticket to meet the Cheetah’s at Monarto Zoo. It took me a year to get there, but get there I did.

For more about this, and some more photos, go to Cassandra Madge Photography – the Blog.

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Tania

    LOVE that photo Cassie, here’s to 2011 and a better year for you. Sending you lots of love for the New Year!

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