Stunning Autumn Saturday….

It truly was that today. A wonderful day to spend out in the backyard, turning it, piece by piece into what will be our dream garden. Of course, everything watched carefully by our 4 beautiful chickens, who had so much fun playing in the mountain of dirt that DH dug out from one area we were working on today.

It was one of those still warm but crisply cold days when you feel you can be really productive in the garden, when inspiration is flowing like a breeze and when you don’t really want to go inside, because that will be the end of the day. These days don’t come that often, and they are worth enjoying.

We were busy, both with planning garden beds out of our dirt patch, and working on what we have already produced. I went through a stage years ago of collecting bulbs. I love bulbs, all sorts and sizes and colours. I’m fascinated by the promise held inside those tiny little brown packages, and how they know what to do, and when to do it. I have many MANY left over bulbs, pulled out of old pots and gardens. Many of them I’m not even sure what they are, and there are more that were purchased but not planted, laying dormant in their packages…. and so I planted as many of them as I could gather in one shot. I doubt very much all of them will grow, however they went in the ground anyway. I dug a shallow trench in a bed, and then just scattered them in, by the handful. The larger, healthy bulbs got pushed in properly, but all the rest will take pot-luck. They are tougher than people will make you think, and I’m sure to get at least some reward for an enjoyable hour in the sunshine today.

This evening was just precious.

We had homemade pizza. I rolled out the dough and marvelled at how happy and very lucky we were. Although some days it doesn’t feel it, it was easy to count my many blessings today.

Including wearing a beautifully warm jumper salvaged from my Mother’s clothes. I’m sure she knitted this, and even better, it is just like one that she knitted for my father, so I feel close to both of them right now.

And perfect for protecting my stylish tracky pants whilst pottering around the house, a vintage half apron also from Mum. The over the top flowers and colours make me smile.

Everyone needs an apron. I keep meaning to make one to use in the garden, especially for when there IS something to harvest! I planted out my 2 baby Broccoli today, as well as the tubes that hold the climbing pea seeds that refuse to shoot. I figure that nature will take care of them. I was so excited this week to see that the Tatsoi and Snow Peas that I planted directly out in the garden before all the rain had survived, and in fact were sprouting. So yes, an apron that I can gather fresh eggs and vegetables in, that will carry some seeds and my scissors for working around outside, is definitely needed.

I just had to put in this scrapbooking layout of my Dad….. feeling a little nostalgic tonight.

So, what was/is your Saturday like? Hope you got something great done!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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6 Responses

    • Cassandra

      Ooooh that’s what it was called…. my Mum didn’t have aprons, she had pinnies…. I haven’t heard it called that in ages! Thanks for the memory jolt 🙂

  1. robin

    Just wanted to say hi, Cassie! Glad you’ve had a great Saturday. I hope mine is going to be great too! We’ve got my nephew’s bday party today.

  2. knitnkwilt

    I’m enjoying a moment of disorientation. Autumn? Then the ah-ha moment. Greetings from Portland, Oregon, where I am watching spring flowers.

  3. df

    I recognize and cherish the kind of perfect day out on the land that you described so well. We had a pretty nearly perfect one ourselves, planting trees, making adjustments to our new greenhouse, and putting a few early seedlings in the ground. Thanks for sharing yours!

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