First Frost – This week in the Garden

Sorry to be a bit absent again. We have busy, and also not too well. It happens. But things have been growing along in the garden. We had our first frost of the year on Wednesday, which was unexpected. The garden and the chickens didn’t seem too bothered by it however, and it was truly beautiful. Unfortunately I had an early appt and wasn’t able to document it, but there will be others I’m sure.

So here is where things are at the moment….

Here is my young farmer’s apprentice, DS2 (12) heading down to put the ladies to bed for the night. They were all hanging around the gate waiting for him. Too cute!

We have 8 cauliflower seedlings up in the window sill at the moment, although they are taking the next step rather slow.

The silverbeet is now outside undercover to harden off a bit. Planting out on Sunday I hope if the weather co-operates.

Also inside, but not in a photogenic mood are 3 out of 4 Cos lettuce, 2 out of 3 more Broccoli and 2 out of 3 Cabbage seedlings. I sprouted 5 more climbing pea seeds in some damp paper towels, which I planted into tubes yesterday. They will be ready to go out in a week or two I hope.

Here are some of the outside seedlings….

Out of the 2 Broccoli, this one is doing very well. The other one is a bit behind.

8 out of 8 Broad beans are now up and growing strongly. Although a couple of the snow peas didn’t make it, the others are making up lost ground.

The tiny Tatsoi. Which today got scratched around by a pigeon we think, so now have a little plastic tray over them to give them a bit of protection until they grow a bit bigger.

Here are our four lovely chickens, eating their afternoon tea, which is a looked for treat every day. Warm porridge, homemade yoghurt, 4 contented chooks. No eggs still, although Naomi is developing up beautifully. We may still have to wait until spring though, which is a shame. However they are as much fun to watch as puppies, and very useful in the garden (when they aren’t being TOO helpful!) so we’ll let them free-load for a bit longer.

We have had an unexpected run of fine weather the last few days, which has been great for the spirits. I even had to water the garden this morning. Each year, as winter is closing in, I just grit my teeth and wait for spring. For the sun to come back, for the days to get longer and warmer. I wish I could hibernate like a bear through the worst of it. Although a few more weeks like this week and I might reconcile myself to winter after all.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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