My new vocation.

I am using the term vocation very specifically in this case. I was going to say job, but what I am doing at the moment, and have been building up to for a while, falls more under the term “calling” than employment. Especially when you consider the pay, which is woeful in monetary terms, but rich in other rewards.

I am referring to a shift that I consciously am making in my mind. I found myself in a bad place today, a place that I suddenly recognised from waaaaaayyyyy back in 2006. When I started working out of the home, as a way to “contribute” and to feel “valued”. Because I used to have this disagreement so regularly with my wonderful husband…. that he didn’t thank me for all that I did around the home, that he would counter with, I didn’t thank him for going to work every day. And that is so true. While I was making the bed this morning, because I know he likes to see it done and fresh for when he comes home, after a long and thankless day at work. No, he doesn’t specifically thank me for making the bed. Or doing the dishes, the washing, the yoghurt making, or once again sweeping out the carport because the terrible weather this week again filled it with dust, and mud and straw.

But you know what? He doesn’t have to say thankyou, because this is MY job now. And no-one needs to thank me as I know that I am doing the best that I can to contribute for our family, and that without needing to be told, my contribution is so very important because without it, the family would fail.

So there you go, my new vocation is to do what I have been doing for a while now, but to do it with a loving and willing heart. It might take a few tries, but I know it will be worth it.

Much as I hate posting any pictures of myself, this is how I am happiest. Out enjoying the garden (or the making of it) with my family. This was taken the first weekend after we got the chickens, which was the fulfilment of a 3 year dream for me. Yes, sad, my big dream was to have chickens. But at least it’s more practical than designer shoes, which would be no good in the mud.

Meanwhile, because no post is complete without a weather report, I have no joy in reporting that once again we had a month’s worth of rain in 36 hours. Over 60mm of rain, which was preceded by horrific damaging winds, which gave me some very stressful flashbacks.  Helped only by the fact that there are no trees nearby, but it was a close thing with the basketball ring. Winds of 50+km/h, with gusts up to 90 were forecast, and went on for hours. But as soon as the rain started (which didn’t stop for 2 nights and the intervening day) the wind died right down. Never was I so glad to hear rain before! AND I am overjoyed to report that the remedial work I did on the ditch next-door paid off and we weren’t flooded out! We WERE very wet, but that’s to be expected. So double bonus on the rain there!

If you are interested in simple living or even the concept of “green guilt” Rhonda has an excellent post on her blog, Down to Earth. Make sure you read through the comments too, there is much wisdom there.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. df

    I feel very much as you do about this way of living and applaud you for sharing this side of things. Also, glad to hear that you avoided flooding with those crazy rains!

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