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Good morning Monday. For once I am happy to see you – the sun is shining, we have had a marvellously productive weekend and there is so much going on that I want to share.

Last week, he completed our first brick edging. This will hold a garden bed around the edge of the deck area, and stop the lawn from running in under the deck.
He included a small path leading off the edge of the deck, although we have yet to teach the dog how to use it. She believes in travelling the shortest distance between two points!

For starters, DH got to work in the backyard over the weekend, and we are sooooo close to having it nearly finished. Next stage is getting in some topsoil, and then it will be time for some lawn. Happy dancing!!! I know lawn isn’t super productive, but you do need somewhere for the dog to roll around on, and the kids to just lay out and enjoy. We’ve sized it down considerably, with garden beds all around, and it will be watered well by the rainwater tank. Of course, the best part will be the end to all the mud!

The highlight of all this work, apart from the fact we have done it ourselves, is that most of the materials were left over from other projects, and so the whole thing only cost his time, and a few bags of concrete. The pavers were left from our landscaping when we moved in, as well as the long concrete sleepers that mark the other edge of the lawn. Bonus points for using what you have on hand!

This is the start of the lawn “L” shape. There will be a bed of shrubs and shade tolerant plants on the left against the fence, and some strappy grasses etc on the right amongst the mulch.
The lawn will continue around the corner, giving some nice green to the view from the deck, as will the grasses etc continue around the outside of the deck.


We mixed bags of garden soil with decomposed straw from the chicken’s yard, then added more straw on top for mulch. This, as well as some gypsum, should help feed the soil which is like concrete now that the weather has warmed up.

Yesterday, DH took some time out from his labours to take me to the Adelaide Good Food and Wine show. We won tickets, courtesy of Lamb’s Ears and Honey, and trundled ourselves down to the city to check it out. I have to admit, not having been to a food show before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, however the over-supply of wine stalls and tasting would normally have been a wonderful thing. Like one big cellar door crawl, but without all the driving in between. However, the fact I had taken some codeine earlier to combat some heavy-duty pain, meant no wine for me. As designated driver, DH was afraid that too many tastings would add up rather quickly, so he refrained also. So were were down to the Good Food part.

We are so lucky in this part of SA, to have such amazing local food. Here are a couple of the highlights…

B.-d Farm Paris Creek cheese. Have tried their milk, and love it, however their cheese will be added to the shopping list for sure. Just the right amount of cream and bite.

Pangkarra pasta. What a revelation. Original stone ground WHOLEGRAIN flour. Don’t be fooled, there is such a difference between wholemeal and wholegrain. Grown and milled locally in the Clare Valley, we know where to go to get this and will be adding it into the diet. Great to see people so enthusiastic about their product!

Buzz Honey. Honey is not just honey. We tried a few different varieties, and settled for buying a kilogram of luscious leatherwood honey. Not super-sweet like the bluegum, but has a rich aroma and flavour that is really hard to describe. Amazingly this company is based about 10kms from where we live. We will definitely be getting some more when this tub runs out!

We also found some awesome craft beers from Western Australia that will be available here in a week – perfect with summer coming up. Amazing depth of flavours. I’ve never quite experienced anything like them before – check out Sail & Anchor. Such unique packaging and naming as well!

So I’m hopeful about what the rest of this week will bring – hopefully some sewing, maybe some painting and definitely some more sunshine is in order! Hoping that your week is fabulous too!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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    Looks like you got a lot done and are in the homestretch to enjoy your garden! Reusing so many materials is so satisfying – good for you. The food tasting sounded like a real treat and I’m so intrigued by the honey you bought.

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