Greening up the backyard

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Slowly but surely the garden beds are coming together and filling out nicely.

Here we have a little corner by the shed. It only gets an hour or two of sun a day, and is surrounded by concrete and a fence. I wasn’t sure what will do well in here, but we are trying a beautiful white Camellia (Lovelight), a Green Goddess Arum, and an Iris Japonica, also known as Evansia. This little beauty has also been with me through a few gardens, and just clumps and grows beautifully. I had dug up a pot full of it after we moved, and just split it into 3 to plant out. It was the wrong time of year, and I don’t expect it to be happy with me, but they are nearly impossible to kill around here, so I’m not too worried.

Green Goddess Arum


Iris Japonica (Evansia)

This arrangement should provide a bit of dimension – the Camellia is not an enormous variety, but should grow up to the height of the fence, with the Arum a taller species also, and the Evansia along the front.

Meanwhile, the vegetable garden is coming along nicely, although I hadn’t gotten around to doing the snail/slug trap and my poor Broccoli has been munched, not to mention the baby bean plants that have burst out at the back of the bed. (Hard to see, on the left of the picture)

Vegetable garden with Crimson Broad Beans, Sprouting Broccoli, Silverbeet, Coriander, Bean seedlings.
Sprouting Broccoli nearly ready for dinner!

And finally, we have a garden mystery. Our calendula plants, whilst being absolutely prolific, have been producing odd tiny flower-heads growing out of the original flower that is dying. I have never quite seen anything so bizarre  have no idea if it’s normal behaviour. Any suggestions?

Double flowering orange Calendula. Truly bizarre!

So, how is your garden looking this week?

 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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