End of Autumn Garden round up

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Summer this year just seemed to drift into Autumn. The leaves on the apple trees still haven’t changed colour, and the garden is lush with growth.

Lets take a little wander around the garden….

First the Summer harvests…. these tomatoes were picked from a volunteer plant in our sunny north courtyard, a week before the official start of winter!

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The Passionfruit is loaded with fruit and flowers, although a little slow for them to ripen…

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In the vegetable beds, the capsicum is still going strong, the new generation of garlic is leaping out of the earth, silverbeet for the chickens is loaded with big juicy leaves and I have also planted up some broccoli for the winter harvest. My grand garden plans may have been reduced a little by the amount of time and energy that I can spare, but I am certainly grateful for every part of the harvest we enjoy.

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While we may not be producing a lot currently, we are constantly building up the soil. Our two compost bins are almost always full, the vegetables got a huge load of rich broken down compost in the last month and you can tell by their growth that they are loving it. The compost bins and garden beds are full of worms, and everything is naturally healthy. This is the secret to “green fingers” feed the soil, the micro-organisms that are so vitally important to the growth of plants, and the harvest will follow. Everyone should have a compost bin, and there is so much you can put in it. But that’s another blog post I think!

 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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