Scorching summer garden update

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So, as anyone in Adelaide, or most of Australia, would know… we have had wave after wave of heat. 4 days in a row in the Hills over 40 last week, which is really unusual and we are back up there again tomorrow. Time spent in the garden has mainly been in the early morning or cool of the evening watering and trying to keep everything alive. Most things are thriving under our tender care. I thought it would be interesting to see how some of our plantings have progressed….

Passionfruit 3 months Dwarf Anna Granny Smith Apple White Satin Nectarine China Flat Peach Gulf Ruby Plum

The most impressive growth of all is the “Dwarf” Granny Smith which is nearly as tall as the fence now and going strong. The more observant of you may remember when I originally posted these, that there were 6 trees. I’m afraid to report that one of the apple trees seems only to be hanging on by a thread. It has lost almost all of its leaves and has not put on any growth at all. As we have treated them all the same, with impressive results in the other trees, I can only assume that it isn’t anything we could have done differently. It’s not dead yet, and we keep holding on hope for it, but this hot weather is tough on all the plants.

The vegetable garden is going strong… the Lettuce and Silverbeet have all gone to seed, but my Bean tower, Pumpkins and Capsicum are all looking good.


Apart from that, and working to fill up the compost bins to keep growing our healthy soil, there is not a lot else to report in the garden.


The Lime tree has just been treated for a severe scale infestation, and I took out the top 3 or 4 inches of soil and replaced it with compost from the latest bin… well you can see what has come out of that! about 15 tomato seedlings, as well as a melon/pumpkin of some kind (I’m thinking it was a rockmelon from what I know was in that bin). The aloe vera is abundant, which is great considering how accident prone I am and often I get burnt, and the fish pond is going from strength to strength with it’s 6 inhabitants.

Meanwhile I will make another cup of coffee and retreat to the best part of our backyard…. the shady deck, surrounded by green, and throw the tennis ball for Coco for a while.


Thanks for joining me on my garden tour!

 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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