Happy Anniversary to us!

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Today is our 16th Wedding anniversary, and although it’s just another ordinary day for us, work, school, normal routines, I wanted to take 5 minutes to celebrate this journey.

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It feels like both yesterday, and forever. We have been married for nearly half our lives, and it shows. When you have lived and loved so much together, we can read each others thoughts, and have so many “in-jokes” that I can’t imagine life any other way.

We had NO idea the rocky path that we were about to follow. We had faith in our love for each other to make it work, and it certainly has been our love that has held it together for the last 16 years. Sometimes all we had was each other’s hand to hold to just get through day by day.


Darling Skip – Thank you for your care and cherishing. You have certainly kept up your promise to me on this day, so many years ago. You show your care for me, and our family, with every thought and breath, and I know that you will do so forever. May I do so also, every day.


Happy Anniversary to us!! Love you babe!

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