The search for the perfect T-shirt – Part 2

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The great t-shirt pattern hunt is on, using 3m of interlock I picked up from the local thrift store.

Contender 1 was the Blank Canvas T-shirt from

See the pictures and post here.

Contender 2 – Burda Start 3197 T-shirt

Time taken – 1 day from pattern pinning out to finished.

Yes, that’s right. It’s a beginner t-shirt pattern, but with facings. Go figure. Also, the cover picture has dramatically changed from the original publication. I’m guessing I picked this up somewhere in the late 90’s. I had already traced out everything for the 40″ bust size except one facing piece, but never made anything from it. Maybe I decided that the facings just weren’t worth the hassle?

Burda Start 3197
Burda Start 3197

After striking out with the first pattern, I thought that something with sleeves and a bit more structure would help with the fitting issues. Although I absolutely hate facings and don’t see the point of them on the neckline of what should just be a casual t-shirt, I decided to just go with it to see what it looked like.

Burda 3197 Fitted t-shirt
Burda 3197 Fitted t-shirt

Finished product – very happy with it. I did a double row of topstitching around the neck and sleeve hems, but an invisible (blind) hem on the bottom figuring it was stretchier than plain straight stitch. I also didn’t feel like setting the overlocker back to cover stitch at 11pm at night. The hem could do with a proper press, however our iron has decided to be permanently debilitated, so it’s being replaced, asap!

Burda 3197 Fitted t-shirt neckline close-up
Burda 3197 Fitted t-shirt neckline close-up

As you can see, the neckline is a LOT better. There is a bit of “puckering” around the underarm/upper bust, so next time I will try reducing the seam allowance on the side seams just marginally first, and trying it on from there. I think with a knit with more stretch and not so rigid, it will sit better. I also haven’t washed these yet, and have no idea if the fabric was originally pre-washed, so I’m sure it will soften after a few runs through the machine. To be perfectly honest, ready made shirts have the same fitting issue on me, so it’s not something that I really pay a lot of attention to.

Would I make it again? Yes, but I would like try a rib neckline instead of a full facing.

That being said, I have purchased a couple of metres of the most gorgeous printed jersey to make some “dressy” t-shirts. I have also bought some interfacing that is a bit softer for the neckline, as I just used what I had on hand and it was certainly too firm for this type of garment. So yes, this pattern, for what it is worth, is a keeper! It definitely needs to be made a bit longer still. Or I might just leave the hem allowance and finish the jersey with a pretty rolled hem.

Stay tuned for Contender 3!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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