The search for the perfect T-shirt – Part 3

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The great t-shirt pattern hunt is on, using 3m of interlock I picked up from the local thrift store.

Contender 1 was the Blank Canvas T-shirt from

See the pictures and post here.

Contender 2 was the Burda Start 3197 T-shirt

 See the pictures and post here.

Contender 3 – Kirsten Kimono Tee from MariaDenmark.

Time taken – comfortably less than 1 day.

This was a really simple pattern to follow. Maria gives 2 variations, one with a self fabric neck-band and one using fold over elastic for the neckline, something that I didn’t have. Must make an effort to find some and give it a try.

The pattern was easy to put together and very simple to follow. However I ran into trouble with the neckband directions as the fabric I was using didn’t have enough stretch in it to go all the way around. So most of my sewing time was spent unpicking the neck and re-cutting a new band.

Size sewn was the Large, just a tiny bit over my actual bust measurement but the pattern is designed with “negative ease” for stretch fabric, so I knew this wouldn’t work with this thicker knit I was working with. I’m very happy with the fit, it’s extremely comfortable to wear.

Kirsten Tee, full length
Kirsten Kimono Tee, full length. Pardon my creases!

I decided to try a more decorative finish this time, rather than making hems on the sleeves and bottom. I used an ordinary  sewing thread for the upper looper of the overlocker, then ran around the hems with a simple 3-thread overlock to finish them.

Kirsten Kimono top, decorative sleeve edge.
Kirsten Kimono top, decorative sleeve edge.

Unfortunately, the knit has a tendency to roll, the sleeves roll under, and the bottom hem rolls up, so most of the effect is lost. Another point to remember for next time.

Kimono/boat neckline
Kirsten Kimono/boat neckline

Yet again, the neck refused to lay flat or neatly, so I’m beginning to think the problem is with the lack of stretch in this knit fabric, rather than a problem with the patterns. I will have to try with a stretchier fabric and see if that particular issue still exists.

Maria has some other lovely patterns with more complex styling on Craftsy and her own pattern site . I am still eager to try one of them because her patterns were well written, with great photographs and simple directions.

So, after 3 tops for $3.00 – there is hopefully enough fabric left to squeeze out one more, however you will have to stay tuned for this one.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. StephC

    Hey- great experiment. 🙂 If you stretch the binding gently around the curve while stitching, it will lie flat when you finish and press it. Alternatively, try using a slightly narrower binding than called for. It looks good, and it’s easier to achieve a smooth neck curve with a less stretchy fabric. 🙂

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