August de-cluttering challenge

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So, as part of my ongoing commitment to reducing the amount of “stuff” we need, which is part of my “No new clothes pledge” I have been playing along with Rhonda at Down-to-earth who has issued a decluttering challenge for the month of August. Her rules were simple – for the first day, find 5 items, and every day afterwards, add 1 item to the pile. They can be either to sell, give away, donate or trash. I have spent the last couple of weeks collecting things up, and here is the pile that left the house today (all except one bag which is yet to be collected). I’m not exactly sure how many days worth this haul counts towards, but I’m not stopping there that’s for sure!


Here we have a large bag of DH and my clothes good enough for the op-shop. A small mountain of shoe boxes which were delivered to the local Kindergarten. They love this sort of thing for the kids making table – both of my boys attended there many years ago. A pair of woollen cot blankets to be given to a friend, who has not one, but two sister-in-law’s pregnant at the same time. They are thick and in really good condition, all freshly washed and ready to go. A pair of boots that are in great shape, that I haven’t worn all winter, also delivered to the op-shop. 7 picture frames all surplus to requirements and taking up room in the wardrobe, ditto to the op-shop. Our local oppy is a community run affair, where all the profits go back to local needs which is fabulous. Nice clothes that DS2 has outgrown, which have been passed on to a littler friend.

The best part of all this collecting, apart from the huge space it leaves behind, is that it’s already gone out of the house. Nothing beats that feeling! Feel free to play along, and join in on Rhonda’s blog.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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