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Just so I get this clear at the start, this isn’t a paid advertisement…. I’m just a fan!

As I have mentioned before, I make every effort to support Australian farmers and buy Australian made produce to limit my food miles. It also gives me a feeling of more control of the standards that our food is made under, as opposed to some other countries that have not got good track records when it comes to manufacturing food.

Enter a knock on the door letting us know that Aussie Farmers Direct were now delivering to our area. I was excited to give them a try, and so far it has made an enormous difference to our lives. I know that sounds dramatic, but let me explain.

I used to make a separate trip for milk, to support local farmers.

We hate supermarket vegetables/fruit, and eat a fair amount of it, so I would also need to make a separate trip to the greengrocer.

DH was often forced to do the shopping on the weekend or on his way home from work, as I didn’t have the health to go normal grocery shopping as well as all my other trips.

Now, twice a week our milk, bread, vegetables, and dairy products in general are delivered. I stand in the kitchen, in my pj’s and using the iPad app, order for the week. It takes minutes, and then the next day it arrives all boxed up delivered to my front door. They will even carry heavy loads inside if I need them to.

The guys are always friendly, and I can almost set my watch by them, so regular are their rounds.

Aussie Order

And the products? On the whole, they are fabulous! The milk is great, and froths amazingly in the cappuccino machine, always a bonus. We love their bread and wraps. The fruit and vegetables are great quality and  the one time I had a problem with something, it was credited back to my account immediately. I noticed on the next order that they had changed supplier – obviously they take quality control very seriously.

You can order a “Box” which is a seasonal mixture of  Fruit or Veg, according to your order, or you can “Pick and Mix” for whatever your family uses or needs, which is what we end up doing every week.

Mixed Box

Delivery is free when your order meets certain simple conditions, and honestly, I don’t think that I could ever go back to all the extra trips of shopping I used to do.

The bonus is that I now can do the grocery shopping again, leaving DH to have more free time with us in the evenings, and that’s great as well. We have never run out of bread or milk since we started using them, and it just makes our lives simpler, whilst still being better for the farmers. Win-win, right?

If you decided to give them a try, tell them I sent you, ok?

 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Carol

    You are the second person I know using them, but as far as I know they don’t deliver to my little town, I will check that out though as I’m very keen. I always support farmers here where possible, as they are our future, too bad Governments don’t seem to realize that! And as far as supermarket fruit and veggies, urrgh! Don’t get me started on bananas that are lucky to last one day.

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