Stop crying over sour milk

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Firstly, I would like to say “HI” to all the wonderful people that have found me through Rhonda’s Blog, Down to earth. I have been reading and following her blog for many years now, and it’s an honour to be mentioned over there.

I wanted to share with you today the amazing revelation that I had over the last week regarding sour milk. Please forgive me if you already know this, maybe I’m the last person to work it out. However, if there is one more person out there who didn’t know, hopefully this helps them. (We are talking about SOUR milk here. If it has curdled, or in anyway separated, that is another matter entirely.)

We rarely have sour milk, as we pretty well always use it up within the use by dates. Last week we had well over a litre left, and it went sour right on the date on the bottle. I was a bit disappointed, but normally where I would have tipped it out, I googled what I could use it for, and was absolutely astonished to discover that I should be cooking with it.

So I tried it in my famous banana cake…. and it was fabulous! Sour milk is basically exchangeable for buttermilk, so if you have any recipes that call for that, you’re good to go. But substituting it for regular milk in baking gives your cooking an extra lift. My banana cake, even at a double batch, didn’t make a dent in that enormous amount of milk, so it was back to the internet to find a recipe that used a lot more milk at a time. Enter this really simple recipe from…. Basic Buttermilk Scones. So for Friday night tea, I treated the family to a double batch, with jam and amazing double cream. They were the lightest, most moist scones that we had ever tasted. No trace of that amazing rank smelling sour milk, just pure yumminess.


Of course, the bottle was still lurking in the fridge with more milk, so Sunday afternoon I made another double batch of scones, this time with a healthy dose of sultanas mixed through. Second day in, a little heat up in the microwave and some butter and they taste as if they had come fresh out of the oven.

The remainder of the milk was diluted and poured over the compost heap, as it is meant to be good for activating bacterial action. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that we are able to waste even less of what comes out of our fridge!

So, you really do learn something new every day.Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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