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As anyone who is a sewist knows, a Bernina is a Rolls Royce of a sewing machine. I dreamed of owning one, and at $2000 for an entry level machine, they are going to have to stay dreams. Not to mention that some of the modern machines are made in a factory *ahem* not in Switzerland anymore.


However, vintage Bernina’s, although not common, are around. I managed to finally snag a Bernina 730 Record, for the bargain basement price of $100. I believe it’s from the late 60’s, which would put it at the 45+ year old mark. It was in very good condition for that age, and has always been fully serviced by the Adelaide Bernina expert, so I was confident that it wouldn’t give me any problems. Which it hasn’t. I have designated this my patchwork piecing machine. Please excuse my Half Square Triangle tape guides… the one thing this machine doesn’t have is any kind of seam markings at the front of the foot.


It sews beautifully neat and accurate seams, the tension is mostly automatic, and when it comes to lumpy seam intersections, it – just – keeps – sewing!! Where my Janome always struggled with that part, the Bernina goes over it like a 4wd car!! And it almost never eats a fabric corner when you start. Which the Janome did on a regular basis. I have started using Rasant thread with it, and it certainly is a beautiful pairing. It came with a selection of original Bernina feet, and a lovely hard case – the suitcase you can see in the background.

So now I need to find a place for her in my studio, as at the moment she is living on the dining table, ruling like the queen of machines she is. I finally fulfilled that dream…. I own a Bernina.

 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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