End of winter garden

I haven’t done any summaries about the garden lately, but with another glorious burst of spring sunshine, I got out into the vegie patch on the weekend. There was a badly needed job of re-tying all the Broad Beans…. we had 2 days of 60+ km/h winds, with gusts forecast of up to 100 km/h, and they had all been whipped back and forth. We lost a few stems to breakage, but all the rest just needed to be carefully bundled up and tied.

Crimson Broad Beans all tied up again

Still no beans, but I read about them that they need the warmer weather to start setting beans, so hopefully we will be getting some soon.

All the little cheap seedlings I bought in the sick plants section have gone well… not bad for $1 each.

Spinach – total cost $1. We will be picking this for weeks I suspect!

Spinach is going into a Quiche tomorrow for a quick and easy dinner, will do an extra one for the freezer, as we have an over-supply of eggs!

Loads of Coriander, another $1 punnet!
Cos lettuce from seed – will be ready to start picking soon!
Some late Cauliflowers, they are a small variety so I should get something out of them before summer, I hope!
Purple sprouting broccoli – survived the chicken attack and is big and healthy. Should be sprouting any minute now!


Leaving the Calendula flowers on the plants this season, hoping they will self seed for next year! The orange is so intense.
Overview of our winter beds, plenty of room for some spring vegetables!


The feathered workers have been working preparing for the next pair of raised garden beds. Will need to have them in soon!

Of course, no garden post would be complete without a couple of pictures of our feathered friends. Of the four chickens, the pure Light Sussex, Rebekah, has suddenly decided that tame and submissive gets her more attention, and most importantly food. We are all her rooster apparently 😉 and she will be patted and picked up as long as there’s a possibility of food!

DH might be tough and rough, but he sneaks down to the yard for a pat every chance he gets on the weekend. Notice the other chickens hovering just out of reach, upset they are missing out, but not brave enough to be patted.


One of the other chickens hanging around, hoping for some treats. I toss any particularly tasty bugs and slugs their way!

Spring hasn’t just sprung in the garden beds either!! We had pizza last night and the dough was so springy, it rose straight out of the tub!

I think the dough has had enough rising time!!

I blame it on the spring sunshine! It’s been wonderful, everyone I speak too has said they feel like they are coming alive! It’s been a particularly cold and grey time up until now. This weather certainly isn’t doing anything springy by halves!!

DS 2 had an adventure in the sunshine today, I need to edit the photos and then will post them all in a day or two. And don’t worry, there will be sewing and patchwork updates too! Busy busy around here!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. df

    Your beds are so orderly and inviting looking; lovely to see everything coming on and doing so well. We’re winding down from the main harvest months, though planning to continue growing in our cold frame with row cover through the winter months here in the northern hemisphere.

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