Introducing Willow

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Of course, these things are inevitable. If one dog is fun, surely two dogs are twice the fun? To be honest, Coco was in great danger of becoming a spoilt rotten princess, so the only solution was to get her a little doggy sister to keep her company.


Introducing our new precious little bundle, Willow. She is much smaller than Coco was at that age, and very shy but certainly holds her own in a wrestling match with her big sister.


She’s 2 months old, and has so far slept through every night. It probably has something to do with the said wrestling matches, totally wearing her out.


Coco is entranced. She thinks that Willow is THE best toy we’ve ever gotten her, and is more than happy to share toys, blankets, beds and bowls with this little scrap, as long as she can play with her.


As you might notice, the new doggy beds from Monday’s post are getting a workout… Willow has already decided that they are prime sleeping territory during the day. The brown monkey came from home with her, and it’s her constant naptime companion. She’s growing in confidence and personality every day. Coming from a largish litter where she was the runt, she is used to being very small, and keeping quiet. It’s fabulous to watch her blossoming as the days go by. Although at 1.6kgs, I don’t know how much she will actually GROW… Coco just weighed in at 5.4kgs, and is starting to fill out beautifully at 7 months old.

So it turns out we are a two-dog household after all, and we couldn’t be happier!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Fiona

    Awwwww total meltworthy! I asked Gemma if she wanted to “see” Willow & she sat there looking at her photos. Unusual for her as she doesn’t like looking at dogs so I think this means she approves. (Either that or she thinks Willow is a strange looking cat?) LOL seriously I am so happy she is settling in well!! xo

    • Cassandra

      Fiona I wouldn’t be surprised. Willow acts a lot like a kitten. And squeaks like a guinea pig. She’s kind of a mixed breed lol…

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