Saturday Stash – 29th November 2014

I recently attended the Quit and Craft Fair in Adelaide. It was run in conjunction with two quilt exhibits, a travelling show that was displayed all around Australia, and a local SA guild show also. Unfortunately there was a ban on sharing photographs of quilts on social media without permission, so, sadly, I can’t show you any of the wonderful quilts I saw. However, I can share with you the treasure that I picked up while I was there!


I did go along with a very specific shopping list in mind. Some things I wasn’t able to get, and some things just jumped into my hands without me planning it. I was disappointed to find almost no stalls selling quilt fabric charm packs. The one stall that did was so overpriced I kept on walking. However, I was on the hunt for a Bloc Loc ruler or two, and was excited to finally track down a set of 3 sizes. No-one locally sells these, so it was a great opportunity to get them without paying postage. I also picked up an A4 LED Light pad, which has a lovely cool comfortable light for tracing, paper piecing etc. Nice and slimline, not too bulky, and easy to store. It came with a bonus re-chargeable LED lamp which will be very useful for stitching at night away from my sewing machine. Plus some adorable pairs of scissors, including a plane friendly pair, which always come in handy.


I did go looking specifically for some more hexagon making supplies. I have some enforced down-time coming up where I will be spending a lot of time on the lounge. I figured that now was as good a time as any to finally give in to the Hexagon making EPP craze. Sharon will be happy! So I picked up a template, hopefully enough papers to keep me quiet, and some lovely fine needles. All of this is now safely tucked away in the Beatle Bag that Raquel made me, it’s perfect for hand-sewing supplies! A bit of fabric and I’ll be set.


Speaking of fabric….. I mentioned I was looking for charm packs, however I did pick up a few fat quarters that will be useful for upcoming swaps and bee presents etc. The chicken fabric was a total impulse purchase I’m afraid. Maybe some new oven mitts are in order!

Do you go to these sorts of events? Do you have a shopping list, or just buy whatever takes your fancy at the time?

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Bendigo Lioness

    You’ll love your lightbox! I bought one earlier this year, LOVE it!!! So want a Bloc Loc now!

    • Cassandra

      It made a real difference to the accuracy of my latest triple star block. My only complaint is that you have to press your seams to one side which will make certain blocks more bulky.

      • Bendigo Lioness

        At first I wondered how the lightbox could help with accuracy & by making your seams bulkier & then i realised you were talking about the bloc loc – I think I need another coffee……!

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