Crafty project bags – oh my!

I’ll admit it, I have been a spoilt girl lately. It’s wonderful to have friends that make beautiful things for you, just because they love you. I have to share two such gifts from amazing people today.

Firstly, from Raquel in America, I received an overflowing parcel of love. Raquel is the driving force behind the #quiltysistersinstabee, and the most wonderful sister any of us could ask for. She has spoiled each of us in our turn.

IMG_20141023_145336 IMG_20141023_150535 IMG_20141023_151027

The real star of her parcel though, was the incredible Beatle Bag.

Edited-2011Beautifully made, she chose a spectacular combination of Amy Butler and Cotton and Steel fabrics.

Edited-2019Each stripe in the pattern of the exterior was carefully machine embroidered across it’s width.


Edited-2016Inside was more special quilting, this time in a diamond shape. The fabric choices were reflected in the clever pockets, pincushion roll, and straps that held the removable plastic zipper pockets in place.

Edited-2014 Edited-2017 Edited-2018

She included a whole raft of yummy presents to get me started… it seems there may be an EPP conspiracy in the air! Words can’t describe how incredibly blown away I was by this amazing gift… that someone would take so much time and effort for me. It’s actually a bit overwhelming, but in the best possible way.

If that wasn’t fabulous enough, this weeks mail brought a parcel from the amazing Lisa. You may remember we arranged a private block swap to add to our #aussiemoderninstabee swap quilts. I sent off her parcel of goodies, blogged about here. She wanted to make the perfect gift for me, and I think she nailed it with this Sew on the Go Bag!





Looks like a super adorable handbag, made out of Bonnie & Camille’s Scrumptious, right? Yes, it is…. but it’s also so much more.

Edited-2007 Edited-2008

Open up the secret compartment at the front, and safely tucked away you will find a pair of scissors and keeper, a velcro strap, padded area for your needles and pins, and a clear plastic pocket to keep your latest craft project safely protected, but easy to access.

Not only is the colour scheme totally adorable, but it’s practical, just the perfect size, and really beautifully made to boot! Lisa, you are so totally awesome!

So, the only question remains, what hand sewing projects to I need to start, so I can carry these two amazing bags around with me? Suggestions? Shout them out in the comments please!

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Angie @

    Wow! What amazing gifts. I’m always so blown away by the things that people send to each other – I wish I could curate parcels half as nice. Can’t wait to see what projects you choose.

  2. Sharon

    You know what I’m going to shout, don’t you?
    Look at those supercute bags you have to put your hexie supplies in! Lovely, lovely bags that need to be filled with cute little hexies!!! 🙂

  3. Michelle Hickson

    These are beautiful bags! I have the pattern for the Beatle bag but haven’t made it yet. Either hexagons or embroidery are handy on-the-go projects!

    • Cassandra

      Embroidery is a great idea! You will have to show us how you get on with the Beatle Bag, it looks amazingly constructed!

  4. Natasha

    Both amazing bags…but the second one is brilliant. I hadn’t seen that one before, and I love it!

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  7. Raquel

    Awe, just reading this now. You say the nicest things. How special you have made ME feel!

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