Squirrels on the loose!

These squirrels were carefully released into the wild, survived an arduous journey by air and road, and are now safely housed in their new craft rooms. No, you haven’t accidentally clicked over to the nature channel.

I am, of course, referring to the new instagram sensation, the #secretsquirrel crafting movement. The prime instigators of this are Julie, aka @heritagekeepsakes and Fiona aka @bendigolioness. These two lovely ladies craft and create up a storm, most often for other people and always with a motive of sharing love and making your day.

As with all secret societies, I realised that these two ladies needed their own logo. Something to recognise their hard work and talent so often exercised in behalf of others.

Edited-2488 Edited-2486 Edited-2487

Using the same pattern previously shown in the Whimsical Woodland swap, with the addition of a pair of squirrel brad pins, and the requisite location identifiers. Drouin HQ for Julie, and Bendio Div. for Fiona. I used stiffened felt sheets to cover the backs, and sent them securely protected by a rigid sheet of plastic to avoid damage or bending in the post. I have heard that both squirrels are settling in well and are already on duty in their new premises!

What is your favourite thing to do as a surprise for friends? Send a letter, a parcel, make a phone call? Share with us how you make someone’s day better!

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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