Quilty Sisters parcel for Jo

I wanted to share with you the block and parcel that I sent off as part of the #quiltysistersinstabee to Jo this week.

Jo chose the Baseball Curves block from the Modern Bee book, and I’m afraid that I had a terrible time trying to sew it, so I ended up calling in a little help with this one. Shhh it’s our secret!


Beautiful Joel Dewberry feature floral, and a soft low volume text print for the curves.


If you are having trouble with this block, I suggest you check out Fiona’s tutorial HERE.

Of course, I couldn’t send this block off all alone, so I gathered up some things that I thought Jo, and her two beautiful boys, might like.


A handmade notebook, some chocolates, stickers and a robot craft kit for the boys, a little sticky note pad, and a Triangle Pouch.


To be honest, I tried the triangle pouch because it looked like it might be easier than the larger pouches I’ve been making. The ingenious construction and funky shape lured me in. Mistake number one, using a metal zip that was a little bit too long. Those things do not like being cut down. Mistake number two, trying to make it on a 38degree day, when the heat and sticky factor turns you into all thumbs! It took me three tries just to get the ribbon on top to catch in the seam!

I will definitely make it again, but I’m thinking to size it a little bigger next time. This was just too minute and fiddly for me.


I did love how the little beaded zipper pull that I made one other hot day, turned out. I crafted a stack of these, all ready to be added to pouches and parcels as they are sent out over the next couple of months!

By all reports, Jo loved her block, and the boys loved the treasures I tucked in for them too.

Do you find it easy to collect extras for swaps? What are your favourite things to receive?

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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5 Responses

  1. JO


    Thank you soooo much. You are amazing. I loved it all…the little pouch is my fav though..such a cute shape reminds me of the odd occasion when I was kid and I had money at school (like once a term or less) and had a sunny boy. A frozen triangular treat. Did you have them in SA?


    • Cassandra

      I loved Sunny Boys!! I think you can still get them in the supermarket? I’m really glad you like it, they are a fun thing to make. 🙂

  2. Michele Wyers

    Such a lovely block & all the goodies are so cute. Where did you get the little notebook with the pineapple on it? Does it have paper inside it that could possibly be used for scrapbooking?

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