Tula in the house!!

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I have to share with you my fabulous #aussietulapinkswap parcel which I received last week….. my secret partner was the ever awesome Linden Vine. She did a wonderful job!


I just love the colour and pattern play and the geometric lines of this mini. She used such a great array of all the Tula lines too – because who can pick a favourite?


She kept the quilting and the background simple and clean, letting all the prints do the work. Sometimes less really is better.


Of course, maybe my favourite bit was the inscription on the back…. I have known Linden for some time now, and it was a bit special to read this….


“For the super lovely @hillscass – Cassie. Made with love”

Sometimes this online world we inhabit can feel a little impersonal. That’s why it’s wonderful to get (and send) fantastic real parcels and connect with people outside of our phones or computers.


The extras she added were so thoughtful…. from my constant unending battle with migraines, to the cutest little canvas and easel. I think I will wrap that baby up in some Tula!

Edited-2898 Edited-2899

My “Blind of Awesome” is looking positively radiant with all the fabulous swaps and gifts. It makes me smile every single time I see it.

What is your favourite way of feeling “connected” with those you meet online? Sending mail, meeting in person, skype or telephone time?

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Raquel

    What a lovely package to recieve. I think you will do something wonderful with that little easel. Your Blind of Awesome makes me smile, too!

  2. agnes

    How fun! I love sending cards and a little something made based on a comments I’ve seen by the recipient. That’s a lovely “curtain” of handmade goodness! Happy Friday!

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