The Blind of Awesome

You may have caught in my earlier post, a reference to my “Blind of Awesome”…..

To get a bit better understanding, we need a sewing studio tour, which is still a work in progress. As is the studio! However, you will just have to take my word for it that there is a blind at the end of the room, that never gets opened. It faces partly west, so it is very hot in the afternoon, and it opens straight onto the driveway/street, with no privacy or screening. So, heat + unattractive view + full neighbourhood exposure = blind stays shut. Perfect place for hanging all my wonderful treasures!


Here is my wonderful #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap that I received last week from Casey in the United States. It was her very first try at paper piecing and she nailed it!! Beautifully handquilted as well.


It’s not just a wall of minis, I have added my two new hoops to it also! After having made a few myself over the last few months, I’ve got a real hoop addiction. On the left, the Dapper Fox, is from Nichole of Wildboho. I know her through my #quiltysistersinstabee, however I passed on her etsy shop address, Bohointheround to DH for our present day this year, and my fabulous Mr. Fox was his choice. The house hoop on the right was created by the ever talented Fiona, as part of her housewarming package of love. She wrote our moving date on the back of it, so we will always have a record of it!


Here is the blind as it currently stands. There is still another mini to be moved from my pin-up board over here, and there are more coming as I have managed to sign up for 3 more swaps coming up over the next few months. Good thing it’s a big blind!!

So how about a little show and tell? Post a picture of your blind *ahem* wall of awesome, and then link it up in the comments!

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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