Parcel of love from Carolyn

I received a wonderful parcel from Carolyn for the #quiltysistersinstabee recently… I have to share it with you.


The most beautiful Cordelia’s Garden block made out of Tula Pink……


In my favourite shades of blue and aqua!


But what else did you spy in the corner of the picture?


Oh yes, indeed. She sent me Cow Pies and Udderfingers, all the way from America!! No one has tried them yet, I’m saving them for a special occasion…. but wow. What an um, interesting chocolate concept. Sure out-weirds Tim Tams!!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve gotten or sent in a swap parcel? Something completely unique to the location perhaps?

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Fiona

    Udderly amazing! Can’t wait to try them. I’ve had New Zealand sheep droppings – chocolate coated nuts. I think Kiwi poop as well (similar concept).

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