Design Wall Wednesday – November 2015


Welcome to Design Wall Wednesday – I thought that now I have a flashy new design wall, I can share some large scale WIP projects with you.

This month, we have my Trellis Crossroads bee blocks – which have been waiting long enough for me to lay them out and finish off my beautiful quilt. The pattern for these blocks comes from the Modern Bee —13 Quilts to Make with Friends book.


Trellis Crossroads Modern Bee blocks - Cassandra Madge


Because I asked my wonderful hive mates for scrappy blocks of just one colour, I was planning some kind of spectrum quilt.


Trellis Crossroads Modern Bee blocks - Cassandra Madge


I’m not 100% sold on this layout yet, but I do love the way the different colours mix at the corner intersections.


Trellis Crossroads Modern Bee blocks - Cassandra Madge


Warm to cool wow!


Trellis Crossroads Modern Bee blocks - Cassandra Madge


For some reason I feel like a proper rainbow order should go from the top left to the bottom right corner. All I have left to make is one block, the pieces of which were supplied by one of my bee buddies, and then finalise a layout and put it all together.



What is your preferred order for a rainbow quilt? Would you put the pink blocks up with the red ones, or keep them where they are?



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 Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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9 Responses

  1. agnes

    What a fun block! I will need to put this on my list for do.Good! I can see how the pink would give the design more balance near the purple but I usually put the pinks with the reds. I wonder if it’d help to take a pic in B&W and look at the values.

    • Cassandra

      Agnes, thankyou so much!! That is always the first advice I give anyone, but apparently I don’t give it to myself!! I’ll do that and see about moving them around 🙂

  2. Melissa (minniecat)

    This is absolutely gorgeous Cassie! I love the order you put the blocks in. Looks great! It’s such a happy cheery quilt! 🙂

    • Cassandra

      Thanks Melissa! Now I’ve seen all the blocks together for the first time, I’m really excited to get it finished and quilted up!

  3. jamee

    i like it this way! i love spectrum quilts…i am doing my fw 20s quilt spectru. cant wait to see more!

    • Cassandra

      Thanks for visiting Jamee! It’s been tweaked a bit, and is nearly ready for quilting. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only rainbow addict around 😉

  4. Raquel

    This looks great! I think the pinks could be at home in either place, but I do like how you have it arranged now.

    • Cassandra

      It is one of those rainbow “grey” areas, but I am really happy with the updated layout and it’s nearly ready for quilting!! Thanks so much for your visit Raquel 🙂

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