Happy La Passacaglia-versary!!

I am so excited to celebrate with you my 1 year La Passacaglia anniversary, which passed last week. It was really exciting to see how much progress I really had made in 12 months, as I have spent the last few weeks starting to sew rosettes together to help with planning and visualising the finished quilt.



And to think…. this is where I started 12 months ago! I have used the vast majority of the fabric shown above, and lots more. I quickly realised that I wanted to make this quilt using colour groupings, and so therefore I would need to buy more fabric rather than using only my stash. Oh, how my stash has grown over the last 12 months as a result.



And here we are, 12 months down the track. This is the bottom half of the quilt, with 7 rosettes joined together. I just LOVE joining them up, because it takes the rough pointed edges and smooths them out beautifully.



You can see in these close-ups how seamless the cogs become once they are joined together.

Here is the upper right section, with another 7 rosettes joined in. You can see some of my more recent ones, some of which I am not sure if I ever shared with you. I’ve been so keen to get this project moving that I can’t stop to photograph!

More close-ups of these colourful creations!

Finally we have the upper left section – featuring my favourite pink and gold rabbit rosette, along with three others.

All of this colour and pattern makes my heart happy.

The grand finale for this post however, is a (rather dodgy) photoshop mock up of all three sections joined together. It will help make sense of all the wild edges to these three sections, and you can see where I still need to fill in before I can start moving out to the edges.

I have one more rosette to make before I can comfortably join the top two sections together, and then join the middle seam. That will allow me to work easily on filling out the corners. I couldn’t put this entire quilt up on the design wall together as it was too big to photograph on there!

I’d love to know, what’s your favourite of the rosettes? Do you have one? Shout it out for me in the comments, I’d really love to hear from you 🙂

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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10 Responses

  1. Janis koby

    Hi Cassie I love your beautiful creation. The pink rosettes are my favorite. Thank you for sharing. Janis

  2. Anorina Morris

    Oh my gosh, your quilt is absolutely beautiful! I love all of the black (?) which is making everything else just POP! This is going to be amazing when it’s all finished.

  3. Lisa McGriff

    This is one of my favorites! I really like the way you color blocked. My favorite is the big yellow on the bottom and that is funny to me because yellow is usually not my favorite color. Next would be big blue then the dark purple!

  4. agnes

    Look amazing! I love the pink one and your use of dark solid for the stars – it’s very striking!

  5. agnes

    Looks amazing! I love the pink one and your use of dark solid for the stars – it’s very striking!

  6. Stephanie

    This is so beautiful and inspiring! I am looking at starting one of my own and really like how you’ve done yours!

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