Calling all Bird Lovers!!

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I just had to share with you this awesome wallet that I made – using a special fabric ordered from the artist on Spoonflower and my favourite rainbow cork!

Have you tried using cork yet? It’s a really great medium, more durable than vinyl, but just as easy to sew, unlike thick leather. It’s more sustainable, and the variety that they are making and printing is just getting bigger and bigger! And I just love the way it feels to touch, it’s a very soft almost velvety texture.

You can see by the back of this wallet why I love rainbow cork so much – look at all the different flecks of colour you can see! The whole thing is like this, which means it’s also the perfect place to use my other favourite – rainbow iridescent hardware and zippers!

You can see I matched these birds with some awesome interior fabric, a pair of cottons that are light enough for you to still find any cards or coins, and not one but TWO zipper pockets! These wallets really do hold a lot, with 12 card slots, 2 cash slots, 2 zipper pockets as well as the central areas which are perfect for quickly stashing a receipt or a phone (as long as it’s not TOO big!)

Pattern is the Necessary Clutch Wallet by Emmaline Bags if you want to try your hand at making one. There are also lots of tutorials around on the different variations, such as adding a wrist strap, adding the second zipper pocket etc. Or you could just buy this one!! Available now in my Etsy store. Parrots not your thing? I have cats, dogs, and flowers galore!

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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