Cordelia’s sisters – Finished Quilt

This is a very bittersweet quilt reveal. This quilt was created through a bee – the Quilty Sisters Instabee as we called ourselves, over 6 years ago. It took a long time for me to put the blocks together, make a backing, pull the blocks apart and sew again, as well as remake the backing because I found another stash of blocks in my studio, then to finally quilt and bind it.

The back includes all the signature blocks from the loving participants, spread all over the globe. Each of the quilty sisters included her congregation and a favourite scripture, so the quilt is beautiful front and back.

However, tragically, we lost one of these sisters to death last month. I never showed her the finished quilt with her precious block. Raquel was one of my chronic illness sisters and over the years a source of great encouragement with her beautiful positive attitude as well as her unwavering faith. You can see the amazing parcel of love she sent me HERE when she sent me her block for the quilt.

I chose to arrange all the blocks in a spectrum, blending from the bright blues and greens, through the warm tones of orange and red and back finally to blue again. It was such a rush seeing all the wonderful fabrics and special touches that each sister put into her block and parcel. You can see more of the parcels HERE.

I know that God is keeping Raquel safe in his memory and we will finally get to meet in person in paradise. I’m so glad to have known her now and felt her inspiration. Now I thin I need to go snuggle under this quilt and have a cup of tea.

Quilted with the incredibly versatile Marmalade digital pantograph from Urban Elementz – look at all that amazing texture!!

Tell me about a quilt that has a really special meaning for you, maybe a family member or sewing buddy had a big part in it?
Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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