She’s ba-ack….

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Hi all my loyal and faithful readers… sorry to leave you so unexpectedly, but you know, life happens like that. *skips* motherboard died on us, so I’m working on a half cobbled together pc. I have my hard-drive with all … Continued


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These three things I know to be true: Sleep deprivation is dangerous. A pot of oil on the stove really WILL catch fire if left unattended. It NEVER rains but it POURS. We are all ok. Just paddling like mad … Continued

My fur-baby!

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I don’t post a lot about my darling baby, except, of course, when I’m washing her. You wouldn’t recognize her then. So here she is actually in a LAYOUT! I got these good photos of her ages ago, and had … Continued

Oh, my poor neglected BLOG!!

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And all my lovely readers that I have also been neglecting! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA lately… I haven’t even been putting up lovelies for you to ooh and aaahh over. Here’s one that I’ve been working on for a … Continued


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Woohoo for me!! All papers, elements and Alpha from Ashley’s Fruits of the Spirit CD, Goodness, except the stitching which is from Patience. Fonts used are AL Surfboard, High Strung and Another Typewriter.Journalling reads: Oh, Sammy, look at that smile… … Continued

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