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All Mum-type stuff… Sneaker shopping for Tyson. I don’t know WHAT he does to his shoes, but they barely last 3 or 4 months…. DONE & they are sprayed with waterproof Empty out his drawers, sort, re-fold and get rid … Continued

150th post!!

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Ok, so I’m not as prolific as some ;), but I’m still pretty impressed to have kept blogging this long…. So here’s a cute little layout I made yesterday that’s been simmering away for a while. I just taste tested … Continued

My Dad….

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I know I’m not the only “girl” in the world who feels like this about her dad…. I had no idea when I pulled this photo up to scrap, where it would take me… I didn’t expect this, but I’m … Continued


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I am always having a running battle with the rubbish that Tyson brings home… I know he’s a boy and that’s what they do… but it’s driving me to distraction. So no homilies please, I’ll not listen anyway. As some … Continued

Hum, ho hum…

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I was supposed to spend last night backing up all my Psd’s onto a stack of DVD’s that *skip* bought me… Picasa has this cool backup feature that actually keeps track of what files you’ve backed up and if there … Continued

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