Recharge my mojo

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We had a busy few days with *skip* off work (he’s back today *waving* hi honey). On Monday we went to Mannum to visit some friends who were camping up there. Mannum Caravan park is right on the Murray River, … Continued


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Ok, so I promised my Dad I would post this info… hope he gives it a go *wink*…. I found this great site link over on Amy’s blog, and love the theory…. have been putting it into practice already, bathroom … Continued

Thankyou BREE!!!!

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I’m not sure if I blogged about this before, but while we are on the topic of Scrapping Inspiration, I have to share this website with you all…. by the wonderful Bree Clarkson. These sketches are AWESOME! I don’t … Continued


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And so, the school holidays begin. *whimper* I’ll be in and out here probably less than more for a while, as I feel that this time I am actually going to DO all those things that I dream of doing … Continued


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I am a victim to the newest disease to hit the internet…. Jen Wilson Callitis….. Caused by extreme tension over an extended period, this disease manifests itself with an inability to leave the computer and a convulsive refreshing of email … Continued

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