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And so, the school holidays begin. *whimper*

I’ll be in and out here probably less than more for a while, as I feel that this time I am actually going to DO all those things that I dream of doing next holidays and then don’t. Beach trips. Pool trips. Baking. a Monopoly marathon possibly.

Will have to go to the library and stock Tyson up on books too…. that’s always a winner.

My mother used to do that with me – for the week that the library was closed between xmas and new year, we’d max out all our cards, and I’d still run out before the 4th day. What can I say, I like to read! Glad that is one of my better qualities that Tyson has inherited. šŸ™‚ *smirk*. We won’t discuss the lesser qualities….. hehehe

Ok, now…. have an old layout to look at.


Background, mat paper, tag, ric-rac, Alpha, file tab and brads from Spring fling kit from DDE. Inked overlay from Scrapartist.com. Paper clip from Grandeur of spring kit, designer unknown. Fonts used are AL Postmaster and Porcelain.

This is from back in August…. Just having a muck around with the camera…

Ok Kids are trashing the house. better go and continue my reign of terror! *wink*Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. ksharonk

    Nice to see you back … I missed your blogging, lol! It’s a bitter/sweet thing, school holidays! If I’m on holidays, I have the kids with me, if I’m not on holidays, I’m at school with LOTS of other people’s kids, lol! Enjoy the fun, mess, noise … it will all be over too soon! šŸ™‚

  2. FIG

    Ilove your new way of doimg your layouts
    for us old half blind people. so much easier to read.

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