Saturday Photo fun

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Yesterday we had a busy day rearranging the furniture (again!). Then in the afternoon we went for a walk to a local wetland area with our friends *K* and _M_. *K* and I went for a long walk and left the two boys with the kids, and I also let _M_ borrow my 350D for a test run as he hasn’t had much of a chance to play with digital, but he’s a great photographer… I’m trying to convert him, I hope it’s working. The late afternoon sunlight was gorgeous, and he got some GREAT photos.

After the walk, we went back to their place for dinner, which was AWESOME! Tandoori chicken kebabs, and gourmet pizzas. Followed by Tira Mi Su for dessert, while the boys had special jelly. And of course, we were still in photo mode, so I got some interesting photos of the food. *K* had made up a lovely fresh berry mix to eat with our dessert, but I wouldn’t let her dish it up until after I’d taken a few shots. She’d gone all out with preparations, there were lovely candles all around, so I made the most of it and put on my baby 50mm f1.8 lens. I hadn’t used it for a couple of months, and man I had forgotten how awesome it is. FAST – super FAST really, and the colours as a result are just so amazing. But you can judge for yourself!

Our beatiful berry dessert!
*K*’s gorgeous lillies, bought for her as a surprise from _M_ for a fantastic mark on an essay last week!

Gotta love my little 50mm – it’s so tiny compared to my other lenses, but so yummy to use. Off to take some more photos now – my Irises are in full flower!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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