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*waving* Hi dad!!

Yes, my dad dropped in to say hello….

I just thought I’d dedicate a post to this, as it’s part of my new life as a digital scrapper. I go to a lot of trouble wandering about the internet finding new and wonderful papers, elements, fonts etc.

Someone had to make them. Someone, somewhere had an Idea, some Colours, and probably spend a lot of their TIME making that paper for me to use. Well, not just me, but anyone. Sometimes, they have a shop and I buy the kit, but more often than not, most of what I use are freebies. These people, wonderful women (mainly, but some blokes!), go to so much effort, just for the joy of seeing it used by someone else, the joy that they get in simply knowing that their work is valued. Kinda like blog commenting. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, to know that someone noticed and someone cared.

Ok, off topic, I know.

The point is this. I am using their blood sweat and tears. It’s not a secret, I’ve actually had some hits from searches for different designers *waving hi Dani!* and their work that I’ve used. Why should I hide it? Scrapbooking, paper and digital, is all about sharing. I get so much inspiration from so many on-line galleries, eg ScrapArtist, and Scrapboxx that I probably never need to buy a scrapbooking magazine again. (shhh don’t tell DH!) We provide each other with feedback, support, encouragement, praise, and inspiration. That’s just what scrappers DO. It’s not a competition, except maybe against yourself. Just because I’m getting published in a couple of months, doesn’t suddenly make me BETTER than anyone else. There’s always someone else out there with ideas I can learn from.

The digi-scrapping creed is simple. Give credit. Say thanks. You never know, you might get a reward for doing so. At least you will be able to sleep at night, knowing that you’ve done the right thing and said “thank-you” in even the simplest possible way.

Now I’m off to do some more scrapping….. hopefully I’ll have something to post for your eyes instead of your ears soon.

XOXO dad….. CassieHappy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Becky P.

    I agree with the creed. So simple and wonderful. I love the digi-scrapping community. Thanks for putting it so beautifully. p.s. I found your blog while searching ScrapArtist – you have some gorgeous photos and layouts!

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