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We got to see some amazing wildlife on our little adventure…. some that you’d very rarely get to see actually in the wild. Remember, we weren’t in a nature park, or a safari park or anything. These animals were totally wild, and right near us.

First is a friendly Echidna. We found him at Loch Ard gorge, just off the path. He was hiding in some bushes, but decided that it was time to move on, and off he went. He was so close that we could have reached over the wall of the path and touched him.

Next is the most amazing one of the bunch. This friendly Koala got busted crossing the path and climbing up a tree. He figured that we weren’t going to go away, so he just sat and stared at us, letting us take all the photos that we wanted. Again, he was close enough to touch and perfectly at eye level. This was the most awesome experience. We were blown away for a good 10 minutes afterward. Suddenly, not so excited about all the furry balls way up above us in the trees…
This was at Tower Hill – well worth the visit.

Also at Tower Hill some very cheeky, and not so friendly, Emus. They were scrounging for food at the picnic area, so they didn’t mind getting their photo taken. There were 2 of them, had a perfect distract and sneak in approach by splitting up.

Still more to come tomorrow!

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Now, I really need to get on with editing the other 300 odd photos….. lol

Night!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. ksharonk

    That’s a seriously good-looking hairsytle on that emu, lol! And what an amazing photo of the koala … don’t get too close though. They can get quite nasty if frightened … more photos, please! 🙂

  2. Peta

    Ohh those are great photos hun!! Love the echidna!!! .. and what only 300 photos – you’re slack 😛

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