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I can officially say that I have survived the school holidays. We have a long weekend here, and then the little darlings are back to school on Tuesday. New teachers for both of them, which is going to be a big adjustment, but we’ll get through it. It’s going to be a drag though, because the school is where we USED to live, a 12km round trip away. Every day. Twice a day. Hmmmm.

Meanwhile, this week I worked Monday, Tuesday, ALL DAY Thursday and today… I’m glad to have gotten that out the way as I’m pretty tired. Not to mention that I tried to dislocate my little toe on Wednesday when I was running around catching up on washing/cleaning etc…. and it throbbed all day yesterday in my work shoes. Ow.

Not a lot else to report. More of the same really. My life just isn’t that exciting. I work, I come home, I work around here. Right now we are in drought with water restrictions, so working around here requires a little bit more thought and effort…. like running a hose from the washing machine out to the front lawn every time I do some washing. It’s amazing how much water my machine uses, even on a water-saving cycle… and I buy special grey-water washing stuff so that it won’t harm the garden. The lawn is absolutely thriving on it.

Sad to report, back at the other house, they haven’t even STARTED work…. 6 weeks after the accident. No-one has cleared away any debris, let alone started the demolishing, re-roofing etc. I think we’re going to be living in this place a lot longer than we originally planned. Frustrating to say the least…. Once the boys go back to school, I’ll be able to keep a close eye on what’s going on, as the house is a 2 minute drive from the school – which is what made it so IDEAL for us in the first place!! Ok, venting over.

I’m supposed to go and watch some TV with *skip* now, but he’s playing on his computer still. Might just have to go by myself! Have a good night 🙂Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Tania

    Sounds like you’ve been really busy like I have. Sorry I haven’t been by to comment much, your layouts look gorgeous! Talk to you soon!

  2. Linda

    I hope things are moving along. We have been waiting on builders etc. since September, maybe things will hurry up for us soon too.

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