Inner or outer critic??

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I love scrapping, but sometimes I’m a bit quick to call anything “finished”…. So I really owe some thanks to my 2 best critics, *skip* and Peta!! The number of times Peta and I have been on Hello for ages, tweaking layouts and chatting, sometimes I feel like I owe her half my album!! But when *skip* did it to me last night, I was stunned.

Yesterday I blogged that I had a whole lot of layouts ready to go… and then when I showed one to *skip* he said, how about you change – that….. and then when I started playing, I ended up changing a whole lot. That was on Sammy’s layout which you’re not getting until tomorrow! 😛

Today’s offering is Madison – where *skip* tweaked the fonts…. and he was right, too….

All papers and elements from the twin to my post from yesterday – Announcing Ella. Love these little flowers and that paisley paper is just to die for… check out the site here if you haven’t already.
Fonts used were FB Sprinkles and FB Buttercream.
Used the fabulous Torn Paper action again – woohoo!! love it!

Charli’s layout is going to have to wait it’s turn, I’m still not happy with it…. so I have to get *skip* to tell me what’s missing tonight when he gets home from work…Later guys and gals!

Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Peta

    hahaha so now I’m not the only one you’re hateing for being right huh 😛

    Haha and you have sooo seen what happens when I tweak mine – the change in child was a result of your comments – I threw out the photo and kept the layout ROFL

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