Happy Anniversary to us!!

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I know I’ve been a slack blogger…. but things have been really piling up on me lately. I have to go to the school every day this week between 10 and 10.45 to watch Sammy swim, and get him dry and dressed afterwards…. He has always, even as a baby, suffered from the shivers, and this week of swimming in a pool which is barely heated to 20degrees, in an icy outdoor area in the Adeliade Hills – it’s not good.

Every time he gets out he is shaking so bad I normally have to carry him. I can’t imagine how wet he would be or sick he would get if I left him until his teacher (who is a wonderful woman) got around to him, as she does have 24 other kids to chase around.

So I go instead, and then I can be sure that he’s ok.

Then there’s the 3 weeks in a row I’ve done of canteen. The 2 excursions next week for end of year. The washing out towels and bathers every night for a 2 weeks now. I just feel totally snowed under. My wireless connection has been playing up big-time. I had to use *skip*s computer a couple of days ago, which was totally tragic – I miss all my bookmarks and stuff 🙁

Ok, enough whining.

On a brighter note, it was our ninth wedding Anniversary yesterday. We are totally and utterly FLAT BROKE so we didn’t do anything…. just watched a dvd together on the lounge and chilled. Which was a perfectly acceptable alternative.

And today I went to k-mart and put 6 more dvd’s on layby – some favourite movies, and they were all so cheap! We’ve got an enormous collection of kids movies, and hardly any for us, time to even up the score.

So there you have it….

I’m nearly out of DT commitments for the month, everyone seems to be taking a break, so I’ve been doing more layouts for myself. Keeping them quiet for now though.

Other than that, nothing to report. Nothing to do really. I just seem to be overwhelmingly blah at the moment…. it will pass, it always does.

Later guys and gals!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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