Whew….. finished!!

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*skip* and I have been having a bit of a marathon lately, we have been re-modelling our disaster of a front yard….

Here’s the before picture….

and now, what it looked like as of 12noon today. A total of 14 days exactly, and hours and hours of gut breaking (not to mention back breaking) work.


Saturday 2 weeks ago, the dingo digger guy took away all the old “lawn” that never grew properly, and then levelled out what was left.

Then we had to install the brick edge and path, run a new irrigation line along the new lawn edge.

*skip* took yesterday and today off work, yesterday was 1 trailer of bark (not enough, but a start) and 2 trailers of soil. We’re still waiting on some old couch grass that got into the garden bed to die…. stupid weed-killer takes 2 weeks, and then we’ll finish off the bark.

9.30 this morning, with a thunderstorm threatening, the lawn arrived…. and we had it all rolled out and concrete rollered, watered, etc… by lunchtime.


Now I can concentrate on some real scrapping, as my back is just DEAD!

But, I have to admit, it looks FANTASTIC!!

On a lighter note…. all my hard work and labour was totally rewarded yesterday…

It finally happened!!!

Now I know what a Krys acceptance email looks like – wahoo wahoo wahooo!!!!!

I was a bit bored on Wednesday, and I sent her a random submission of my Hills Hoist layout, didn’t even expect ANY answer considering the time of year it is… but it only took her just over a day to say YES! Not only that, she want’s it for the Final Encore gallery – the layouts of exceptional quality/execution/ideas…..

Wahoo wahoo wahoo…. Scrapbooking Memories HERE I COME!

Off to cover and conceal!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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6 Responses

  1. Tisham

    Congrats!!! and OMG!! I am so jealous of your new yard. My back yard is a mess and we are thinking of doing the same thing this spring 🙂

  2. ksharonk

    WOW … doesn’t that front lawn look AMAZING now … you guys have done a great job! And congrats on the acceptance too … woohoo!!! 🙂

  3. Peta

    yeap the hard work was so worth it!!! Lawn looks fanstic!!!

    and can I be really annoying and say – Told ya! – hehe Glad to see that Krys finally agrees with me on something that layout is AWESOME and so should be published 🙂 Congrats hun!!! *does the happy dance for Cassie*

  4. cassi girl

    Well I haven’t checked in for a while, but haven’t you been a busy chickadee!

    CONGRATULATIONS!! It was only a matter of time, your stuff is great. It will be the first of many.

    And WOW alright…that front yard looks just amazing. Worth every back breaking moment I reckon!

    Have a great new year and may there be many more 🙂 emails from Krys!


  5. Anonymous

    Wow. 100% BETTER.
    Thats are plan.FOr out front yard.Sod.
    So nice to see your blog.
    Have a good day

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