Scrapbooking 11 – The search for consistency…

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Well, you might recognise the title as a spoof on Star Trek, the search for Spock, but neway….

Following on to my earlier post about running out of inspiration, here’s another thought for you…

Do you struggle with consistency? I have some layouts that just absolutely blow me out of the water ROCK… and then the next one I do is just ordinary. Not even by comparison, I just know, it’s ordinary…. a couple more ordinary ones and then another gem. What’s going on? Is this normal? Are my expectations too high? Or am I producing too many layouts….. I suppose it has to happen to everyone at some stage. Or is it just me, alone in this torturous universe.

Ok, if you’ve got the answer, give us a yell. Otherwise, admire my latest NOT ordinary effort… this layout ROCKS DA’ HOUSE!! (humility was never a strong point of mine)… lol.


Because both of my boys were born on the 7th, I make it a point to measure them every so often, on the 7th. I knew that Tyson had been growing, but Sammy just never seems to and I was so stunned at how much he had grown I had to scrap it right away!! I took a photo of our cupboard door that we record their heights on, and used that as part of the background to see the gaps of growth.Papers, elements, stitching from Express Yourself CD by Ashley Olson and Dawn Stocstill available this week at SBB, these were a mixuture of Optimistic (Background paper) and Relaxed (stitching, flower chipboard and alpha) and Free (flower stem). Fonts used were CK MixN Match, Tom’s new Roman, Aljo and My Old Remington.

Well I am humble enough to know that this layout just leaves my previous 2 for dead… and thus the search for consistency. However, I am impressed because this sort of feeling used to be a once a month thing, and now it’s a once a week thing… I have reduced the gap between my rockin’ layouts, and that’s got to count as progress, right??

Well, what do you think??Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. ksharonk

    Had to smile at your comments, Cass! I’m seriously not able to judge at all anymore, becos some of my layouts that I think are stunning ( borrowing some of your ‘humility’ here, lol), are hardly viewed or commented on. And stuff that literally takes minutes to create, gets rave reviews! I just don’t get it!!! So here’s the thing … I’m just going to do stuff that makes MY heart sing, and the rest of the world will have to live with it, lol. Haven’t been any help, have I???

  2. cassi girl

    Well I too think that this layout ROCKS and is amazing!
    I can’t help you much at all though as I haven’t produced anything of the good or rocks or sucks variety……..that would be I haven’t produced ANYTHING!!! I am officially a non-scrapper!! lol.

    Here’s my thoughts on the matter — I think we expect far too much from each layout and if it doesn’t deliver that overwhelming *WOW* factor we label it ordinary! Instead of taking each layout on its merits we just label and file those ones. I am sure some of your (as you put it) ordinary layouts capture the most amazing memories and times and that is really all that matters I think!
    Get a buzz from the ones that rock you, but love the ordinary ones that are part of you too!!!
    Love it all……………and do some for me will you? Please….!!!

    Hope I have explained that ok.
    Sandi 🙂

  3. Peta

    Ohh Sandi said it well!! I’ll add – I don’t think we can love everylayout we can do.. .but we can be happy with the outcome. I have no idea on consistance because I’m not consistant ROFL. Was looking in my gallery and each layout just seems so ‘different’ from the next there isn’t in my eye any ‘style’ there!

  4. Peta

    opps forgot to say… I love the layouts – and I also love the one of you and *Skip* that is in the next post down.. I just love that photo of you two you look so happy 😀

  5. Beth

    Yeah I agree with Sandi! But I love your stuff Cass! But keep it coming whether it be rockin or ‘ordinary’! 😉

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