Under the weather

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Nothing serious, I’m just not that crash hot today/tonight.

I thought I’d pop this layout up and then run…


Journalling reads : This is our tenth year together. We’ve done a lot, been a lot of places and gone through a lot of things in that time. We’ve learnt a lot about ourselves and about each other along the way. Our experiences together have molded us into a unit. We are a team. This is the most wonderful part of being together for so long. We are each other’s grounding point and their cheer squad.Papers and elements from Ashley & Dawn’s new CD, Express Yourself!! This is from the Calm kit. (which our life is anything but!!)

Smaragdify action on the photo, fonts used are Greer, 2Peas Masterpiece, Arial Narrow and Heavy Texture. Created in PS7.

Later all, and as always, thanks for dropping by!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. MIG.

    Congratulaations somewhat belated on your join achievement. We are so proud to know you and your family, and how well you are copingMIG

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