I got it :(

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I think you’ve probably guessed from the week of silence, but yeah, I got it. I managed to get 3 days in bed before I had to drag my sorry self off to work…. had to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday and today (Monday) – but I get tomorrow off – yay!! *insert sarcasm here* This was one NASTY bug. I had the fever for 4 days straight and even now I’m so tired that I’m volunteering to go to bed by 10pm, which is just not ME.

So, apart from that, my External Hard-drive which holds ALL my photos and scrapping kits and everything else dear to my heart, decided to stop working last week. Thankfully I am married to a geek genius who plugged it into a *gasp* windows computer, which DID recognise it and let me copy everything over to another HDD. However, the Mac is still refusing to recognise it, and at the moment, a new HDD is just not in the Budget. So, until further notice, I’m on a scrapping BREAK! I’m actually enjoying it – I really needed to take a break and re-charge my inspiration. I’m hoping to try to get some other stuff done during the time I’m off – including my Art Journal that I started and have neglected while I have been sick :(.

I do have another project on the go that has NOTHING to do with Scrapping, or really any sort of anything that I normally talk about. *skip* and I sold our house a while ago. It was sort-of a sudden thing, but sort of something that we were working towards. We managed to sell it before we even finished all the work, and without it being officially “listed” and all that tedious open inspections etc etc. However, it is now about 6 weeks before settlement and we have yet to find a new place to live in the very tight rental market where we are. So the next few weeks will be taken up with first FINDING a place, and then the fun part of packing. Packing packing and more packing. I’ve already collected a stack of cardboard boxes from local markets and work, it will be a start at least. I’ve got VERY mixed feelings about all of this. We have done it for our own personal reasons, that are positive, but this was OUR first home that we built, we owned, and have invested a lot of time and love into, so as the time is moving forward, it’s going to be very hard to hand it over to someone else. But I suppose as long as we are all together, it doesn’t matter WHAT roof is over our heads. So now, to find the roof.

Well, that’s about all for now. I need another cup of coffee before I start cooking dinner, and maybe a little nap in between as well 🙂 Have a good one!Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Melinda

    I hope you are back to 100% soon, Cass. I hope the moving stuff goes smoothly too- finding a new place, getting everything packed up, and then leaving the old place. I remember walking through our first house the day before we sold it. All of the furniture and boxes were packed on the truck and it was empty, but it was still our house. All of the time and love we spent on it was still held in those walls, at least in my head anyway.

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