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Despite the cold, we have settled into a healthy routine here of late. DS2’s job is to go out early and let the chickens out of their coop. Depending on the mood, they can get quite noisy in their protests to be let loose. Later on he gives them some warm grain and scraps before he heads off to school. After school he takes out their warm porridge and yoghurt treat.

Sometime by mid-morning I will take the garden fork and give them a bucketful of fresh weeds to enjoy. I swear it’s one of their favourite parts of the day, they are hanging around waiting for them, and after they have eaten their fill, they hang around in the shelter of the water tank and just chill for most of the day.

Almost every day now we are getting 3 eggs. Rebekah is still not laying, so we have no ideas. You can’t force her! Otherwise she is growing and healthy, and one of the cheekiest personalities around, so she makes my day either way.

This morning I took my camera on my rounds to capture the little hints of spring that are creeping up.

The blue flower from my last garden post? Definitely a bluebell I think.

This little one just appeared yesterday. These bulbs have a bit of an odd story – I found them buried in a shoebox with old seed packets etc. I have NO idea where they came from, they are at least 3 or 4 years old, but what they were was a complete mystery. As I was filling up this bed with all my random odd bulbs to empty my pots, I just sloughed off  most of the dried skin and planted them in thick clumps. I was astonished that they sprouted, and even more so now they are the second plants to flower. Maybe some kind of snowdrop? But I have no memory of ever having grown them before, so it’s still a mystery!

Next we have a glimpse of promise in the vegetable garden

The start of a shooting broccoli

Cos lettuce getting bigger every day

Broad beans covered with gorgeous crimson flowers

And here’s Rahab, working on her morning contribution to the egg tally. 3 again today.

Elsewhere in the garden, there are yet more pots filled with spring bulbs that are promising a spectacular display very soon. Can you tell I’m a sucker for bulbs? They are my weakness for sure.

And finally, we are very excited to have this land in the garden on Monday….

One beautiful, shiny smooth piece of concrete that will shortly become part of our garden shed! The shed has been ordered, and should be up in 2 or 3 weeks. Which will take a bit of stress (not to mention junk!) out of the carport, the backyard, the laundry etc, for our very own shed! We are seriously excited about this, can’t you tell.

So, there’s the update for the garden for now. Lots of promise! I can’t wait to be able to pick some of the flowers and eat some of our very own vegetables. It’s helping me get through the fact that the weather has now turned particularly nasty, with severe weather warnings for the afternoon, lots of wind, possible storms, the works.

So, what are you looking forward to most at the moment?




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  1. df

    What wonderful spring images; you must just be loving all of the sights in your garden so much right now. We’ve finally had some proper rain after being well into drought, so just praying for more good, soaking rain. We’ve had so many hot summer days this year that we can take a break from them!

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