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I’m still not back with a real update I don’t think. I’m not sure what to update on anyway, no-one really needs my ramblings waffling in their ears.

Have a layout to look at instead. This was funny. The last day of the school holidays, I was totally ready to SNAP and the boys for once deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, set up the chess board in their room. The peace lasted all of 4 or 5 minutes before the rule dispute started, and in the end I just didn’t care what the rules were, they just had to play and get along with each other….

I used some yummy stuff from Sharon’s new kit, Delight, at twolittlepixels…..

So, yesterday and today I’ve had off, which has been good. I finally got the floors done, but can’t catch up on too much washing because we have had unseasonably grey and misty weather for two days. Hopefully we’ll get some decent rain out of it at least. I went and did the food shopping today, and I came home totally broke. Food prices across the board have gone up with the drought. I think that we’ll have to have a bit of a think about what we eat and how/where we shop, because there has to be a better way. Although we don’t really have a garden at the moment, we might start growing some of our own vegies etc… they are so better tasting and really teaches the boys responsibility.

Um…. what else? Still NO progress on the other house. It’s going to be months and months at this rate. The part that is really frustrating me is that we are out of the loop. We have no idea what is happening, and I feel like we have some right to a progress report considering that we are still on a lease there, and that they have nearly $2000 in bond of ours at that house. Not to mention all the furniture still in the shed, awaiting us. I’d like to know something at least….. 🙁 Small as it is, this place is feeling more like home now….

Ok, so I’m going to go and eat a real lunch for a change today. Stay tuned, I’ve got heaps more layouts to post soon….. I’ve been too busy scrapping to blog lol…. 😉Happy Crafting - Cassie.

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  1. Tania

    You are really on a roll with the scrapping Cass, can’t wait to see what else you have to share!

    That must be so frustrating about the house, I’m hoping it all works out for the best!

  2. Jack

    We have always found that there is a lot of the month left at the end of the money!
    Love FIG

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